That exhibitors will be at EXPO with real opportunities to discuss with pre-matched MBEs who have registered in advance! These pre-arranged meetings are called MBE Matchmakers Sessions because it’s the catalyst to establishing key relationships. MBE Matchmakers sessions connect exhibitors with certified MBEs to explore current and upcoming procurement opportunities on their 3 to 12 month horizon. These meetings are arranged based on the specific product/service needs of the requesting exhibitor. The demand is based on exhibitor need. In order to qualify you must first register. This component of EXPO provides MBEs who have registered with direct access to contract opportunities and key decision makers.

That exhibitors are eligible to participate in EXPO’s MBE Matchmakers sessions! These MBE Matchmakers sessions are 15 minute pre-arranged meetings designed to connect the demands of corporate procurement representatives with qualified MBE suppliers. One to one sessions are fueled by the opportunities you identify, so that we can bring the qualified suppliers and their products directly to you!

How it works:
1. Exhibitor provides opportunities to HMSDC
2. HMSDC sources MBE suppliers who qualify based on current registration and schedules the MBE Matchmakers meetings
3. Exhibitor receives and reviews the schedule and MBE profiles
4. Exhibitors and MBEs confirm the schedule
5.HMSDC sends the finalized schedule to all the MBE Matchmakers participants