There are several events that make EXPO a must attend event for business owners, educational institutions, major corporations, primes and resource organizations. Texas’ largest minority business trade-fair, EXPO has something to offer all businesses regardless of size.

The key to success for general attendees participating at EXPO is being prepared. Preparation will assist you with understanding how to approach the exhibitors and to leverage your participation in all of EXPO events. By attending the Energy Summit, you will learn the direction and where upcoming projects are happening for the exhibitors. This lends you the opportunity to be better prepared when approaching them the next day at their exhibit booth. You are more informed and can provide direct information about the value your firm can bring to their organization.

For exhibitors, your team will be better prepared to handle the expectations from the number of firms that will attend EXPO. By providing current information and honest dialogue about upcoming projects, firms can be better prepared when they approach your booth. In turn the conversations that lead to further development and opportunities can be more targeted to meet your needs.

All refunds must be received to no later than August 30, 2020.