Program & Services

Key Programs for Growing Minority Owned Businesses


Pre-Certification Workshops – Held the first Thursday of each month where the HMSDC certification team walks prospective applicants through the certification process and communicates the values of certification.

EnterChange – A monthly meeting of newly certified MBEs to create a better understanding of the programs and services of HMSDC and how best to leverage the value of certification.

Ambassadors – Each newly certified MBE is assigned an Ambassador to help them acclimate to HMSDC quickly and effectively.

City of Houston – HMSDC provides assistance for MBEs to expedite their certification with the City of Houston to expand business opportunities.

State of Texas HUB (Historically Underutilized Businesses) – HMSDC provides reciprocal certification with the State of Texas for MBEs to obtain state HUB certification according to the criteria.


10,000 Small Business Initiative – Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services.

Business Consortium Fund (BCF) – Provides contract financing to NMSDC certified minority businesses across America through a network of local participating banks and NMSDC affiliates.

Capacity Building – A growth model created by HMSDC for the development and elevation of incumbent and new MBEs for consideration on larger contracts.

CEO Academy – Quarterly sessions with corporate and MBE CEOs to develop well-rounded C-level owners of MBEs.

CEO Roundtable – This program is provided in association with HMSDC and Silver Fox Advisors.

Consulting Services – One on one consulting provided to MBEs to identify areas of growth and development and provide a pathway to succeed.

Lunch with the President – HMSDC President hosts a monthly luncheon with MBEs and Corporate Members to candidly explore information and insight in marketplace trends and successful strategies to grow a business.

MBE Accelerator – Online assessment tool that provides MBEs with direction and support to achieve sustainable growth in sales and employment by addressing management concerns and business growth strategies.

MBE Boot Camp – Held annually in conjunction with EXPO to train MBEs in current strategies to grow their businesses. This year’s boot camp will focus on how to create opportunities, a compelling value proposition that will open doors, and strategic alliances to grow capacity.

MBE Business Executive Scholarships – Funds provided to strengthen the management skills of MBEs whose success could be enhanced by attending developmental programs.

Pathways to Excellence – An assessment tool that allows MBEs to conduct a self-assessment of their business against criteria that major corporations use to select suppliers. The assessment covers five general categories: Business Strategy, Quality Assurance, Business Capacity, Risk Management, and Business Continuity.

Supplier Idol – Monthly MBE presentations with a panel of corporate members who provide candid advice, mentoring and feedback to MBEs on their sales presentation, marketing material, email and phone etiquette.

Training Academies – Provides an intentional learning track for all levels of MBEs in finance, sales, marketing, technology, government, risk mitigation, safety, international business and corporate procurement.


Emerging 10 Awards Luncheon & MBE Showcase – An inspiring HMSDC business networking luncheon tells the story of ten MBEs selected to receive E-10 Awards on the basis of obstacles overcome, success achieved, and the role they play in the community. The MBE Showcase spotlights MBE exhibitors prior to the luncheon.

EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace – This two-day event brings together 1,500 business leaders from major corporations, government agencies, resource organizations, and MBEs to gain information, insight and relationships that drive long term business success for both MBEs and their customers.

Holiday Social – Held each December as a final celebration and business networking event.

How to Do Business With – Targeted informational sessions for MBEs on procurement opportunities and better understanding on how to conduct business with corporation, agencies or educational institutions.

Industry Groups – Groups of MBEs and corporate members in professional services, construction and IT meet regularly to build teaming relationships and to gain insight into specific markets and proven strategies for business growth.

Matchmaking Luncheon & Procurement Roundtables – HMSDC Luncheon to showcase successes in supplier diversity and to connect MBEs and Corporate Members with each other through networking and targeted matchmaking.

MBE to MBE Mixers – Held quarterly to build a business network between HMSDC MBEs designed to build business alliances/teams for future contracts and to turn the dollar over more with HMSDC MBEs.

MBE Tours – HMSDC provides corporate members an on-the-road tour of MBEs facilities to see first-hand operations and gain a better prospective on the capability and capacity MBEs has to offer.

Scholarship Awards Luncheon & MBE Showcase – Held in July of each year, this business networking luncheon features the presentation of MBE Business Executive Scholarships to deserving MBEs. The MBE Showcase spotlights MBE exhibitors prior to the luncheon.

Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament – Held in May of each year to create viable business networking on the golf course while raising funds for the MBE Business Executive Scholarship Program.

Weekly Alerts & Procurement Updates – Each HMSDC MBE receives a Weekly Alert each Monday to inform them of upcoming events in HMSDC and the business community, and a Procurement Update each Friday announcing current business opportunities.

Targeted Matchmaking – Identifying MBEs who can provide the requested scope of work with capacity and capability.

Website – HMSDC Website ( ) is the online go-to resource portal for MBEs and corporate members to find information on certification, events, registrations, newsletter and more.


Your Voice in Austin and City Hall – HMSDC meets regularly with local and state legislators and cosponsors MBE Public Policy Day to inform legislators of issues of importance to MBEs and to supplier diversity and to assist MBEs in understanding the legislative process.

Creating a Positive Brand for MBEs – HMSDC identifies, publishes and awards MBE successes locally and nationally to create a success image for MBEs.

MAC/SDAC Meetings – Combined meetings of corporate members and MBEs are held semi-annually to share perspectives and evaluate strategies and priorities.

Support Your Community – HMSDC runs periodic community service projects to create goodwill.