List of Committees

HMSDC Standing Committees
Education LaToshia Norwood
L’Renee & Associates
(713) 393-8745 3rd Tuesday | 1:30 PM
This committee assesses the educational needs and interests of MBEs and corporate members. The committee organizes, promotes and hosts educational seminars, workshops and conferences on topics of interest and value to certified MBEs and corporate members.
  EXPO Tony Samper
American HVAC, Inc.
(832) 355-9100 2nd Monday | 2:00 PM
The EXPO Business Opportunity Marketplace is the largest minority business trade-fair and business connection event within the state of Texas. Join this committee to assist in the planning and the implementation of EXPO and all of the related events.
  MBE Input (MBEIC) (MBEs only) Anthony Curtis
Teksync Technologies
(713) 589-9019 2nd Tuesday | 2:00 PM
MBEIC is responsible for providing input into the work and affairs of HMSDC by organizing, promoting and implementing activities which benefit MBEs. This committee is also responsible for exploring ways to drive MBE-to-MBE business.
  MBE Services Lorrie Gonzalez
Sprinklisms, Inc.
(832) 429-5161 2nd Thursday | 9:00 AM
This committee is primarily responsible for recruiting and retaining MBEs. The committee works in cooperation with other committees to expand HMSDC’s presence into new markets and conducts orientation sessions for new and prospective MBEs.
  Program Stormy Suber
Al-Razaq Computing Services
(713) 839-9613 4th Tuesday | 11:30 AM
Networking Luncheons are signature events that connect and match MBEs with perspective buyers of their services. The Program committee is responsible for planning and executing the networking luncheons, MBE Showcases, Winter Networking Connection and specifically assigned special events.
  Scholarship Fundraiser Troi Taylor
Taylor Construction Management
(713) 393-8725 2nd Friday | 11:00 AM
All the proceeds from the scholarship fundraiser is awarded to MBEs through the MBE Business Executive Scholarship Fund. In order to raise the funds, this committee plans and conducts an annual fundraiser to maximize connections and build a fund that MBEs can utilize to develop their business.
  Supplier Diversity Advisory (SDAC) (Corporate Members Only) Roger Harris
Houston First Corporation
(713) 853-8029 3rd Wednesday | 2:00 PM
The SDAC provides corporate members input into the work and affairs of HMSDC and organizes, promotes and implements HMSDC activities which benefit corporate members in their minority business development efforts.
  Supplier Teaming Alliance (STAC) Jenera Thierry
(713) 271-7805 4th Wednesday | 2:00PM
STAC promotes MBE strategic alliances to pursue more opportunities in growth industries and to employ innovative growth strategies for quicker response to the changing trends in supply chain management.
  Join a committee today and further your potential of beginning fully aware of what the Houston Minority Supplier Development council means to you as you grow and expand your business. Please contact at to express your interest in committee involvement.