Corporate Pathways To Success

Each Corporate Member is encouraged to follow a deliberate pathway to success by doing the following:


Require Certification – Require your diverse suppliers to be certified with HMSDC as a mark of integrity for your program and to surround the MBE with the direction and support to become and remain a value-added supplier. (Membership)


Corporate Member On-Boarding – Help onboard new Corporate Members and supplier diversity professionals with an orientation program and by serving as a “buyer buddy”. (SDAC)

Assess Your Level of Excellence – Complete the Levels of Excellence in supplier diversity to guide your company in achieving world class status in its supplier diversity programming. (SDAC)

Attend the CPO Summits – Send your Chief Procurement Officer to semiannual CPO Summits to discuss common issues, solutions and inclusion in the strategic sourcing process. (SDAC)

MBE Capacity Building – Utilize the HMSDC capacity building model, written or online training through Rutgers University, to understand and implement proven strategies to deliberately grow the capacity of your key suppliers. (SDAC)

Online Supplier Diversity Orientation & Training – Enroll your company representatives in the HMSDC online orientation to supplier diversity and the NMSDC online course for supplier diversity professionals. (SDAC)

Share Best Practices – Attend 4-8 program sharing sessions and two specific Corporate Member trainings during 2015 to share, learn and develop effective minority business development approaches. (SDAC)

Tap Into the Best Practices Toolbox – Tap into the wealth of information and examples in the Best Practices Toolbox designed to assist corporate members in achieving highest levels of excellence in their diversity programs. (SDAC)

Reach Out for Corporate Program Support – Ask the professional HMSDC staff for an analysis of your supplier diversity program with recommendations for improvement. (Staff)

Corporate EXPO Preparation – Attend the EXPO 2015 preparation seminars and bring your prime suppliers to learn how to maximize results from this key event. (EXPO)

Assist NAPM & GHP – Help provide primary leadership to ISM-Houston and the Greater Houston Partnership in supplier diversity efforts in 2015. (Staff)

Read the HMSDC Newsletter – Published the first week of each month, the HMSDC newsletter is your guide to success. (Staff).


Attend the Matchmaking Luncheon & Procurement Roundtables – Join over 300 decision makers at the February 11 MBE Showcase and Luncheon featuring success strategies of past Supplier of the Year Award winners and connections to current business opportunities. (Program)

Participate in the Scholarship Fundraiser – Join 200+ business leaders at the annual golf classic to help raise $95,000 for MBE Business Executive Scholarships while building lasting business relationships on the golf course, in the golf clinic, or at the awards luncheon. (Scholarship)

MBE Tours and Trade-Specific Matchmaking –
Participate in bi-monthly tours by Corporate Members of MBE facilities and/or trade specific luncheons or networking events to introduce the true capabilities of proven MBEs. (Staff)

Scholarship Luncheon & MBE Showcase – Join over 300 decision makers at the July MBE Showcase and Luncheon recognizing Corporate Members and MBEs who spend the most with MBEs, 2015 MBE Scholarship winners and, of course, plenty of connections to business opportunities. (Program)

Quality Matchmaking – Organize and conduct targeted events by industry or by targeted sourcing to bring MBEs together, preferably at host corporations, with decision makers around specific needs to result in $30 million in new business between participating firms (SDAC)

Exhibit at EXPO 2015 – Don’t miss the EXPO 2015 Business Opportunity Marketplace on November 4-5 with 180+ exhibitors, including 25 new exhibitors, 20 prime suppliers and 1,500 attendees (EXPO)

Participate in EXPO One-to-Ones – Ensure that you benefit from your time at EXPO 2015 by signing up for one to one appointments and let HMSDC source and match you with qualified MBEs. (EXPO)

Emerging 10 Luncheon & MBE Showcase – Join over 300 decision makers at the September MBE Showcase and Luncheon featuring the success strategies of ten MBEs and, of course, plenty of connections to business opportunities. (Program)

Host a Monthly Doing Business With Forums – Let HMSDC connect you to an audience of MBEs who meet your specific requirments. (Staff)

Join an Industry Group – Join an Industry Group to connect to insight, MBEs, decision makers, opportunities and alliance partners in your industry. (MAC)

Keep Up With Weekly Alerts– Published weekly this publications will keep you informed of upcoming events and developments in supplier diversity and HMSDC. (Staff)

Keep Your Data Fresh – Maintain current information in HMSDC’s searchable, on-line directory with emphasis on complete, accurate information. (Staff)

Frequent the HMSDC Website – Catch up with current marketplace trends, networking and matchmaking events, and chart your progress along your Pathway to Success at (Staff)

Use HMSDC Social Media – Use different media functions to develop and connect with experts in certain topical forums on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. (Staff)

Network at the Holiday Social –
Attend the festive holiday gathering in December to network with 100+ MBEs and Corporate Members, and to reflect on a great year of minority business development. (Program)


Create a Success Image – Share your success monthly on Facebook, Linked In and the HMSDC blog, Twitter, Weekly Alerts, Monthly Newsletter, HMSDC website and at the HMSDC ReViews (Staff)

Become Recognized – Report your procurement and development results to NMSDC and nominate yourself and others for HMSDC awards throughout the year. (SDAC, MAC)

Engage Your Leadership – Encourage your CPO to attend the semiannual CPO Summits and your CEO to join the HMSDC Executive Advisory Board and/or host a session of the CEO Academy. (Board, SDAC)

Connect With Your Legislators – Join the HMSDC delegation to Austin on March 10 for MBE Public Policy Day to build and maintain relations with key city, county, state and federal legislators and advise them on issues pertinent to HMSDC and minority business development. (MAC)

Recruit Other Corporate Members – Help recruit 20 new corporate members and activate 10% inactive Corporate Members with an emphasis on mid-level companies. (Board, SDAC)

Recruit and Involve Your Prime Suppliers – Recruit and involve 40 prime suppliers in HMSDC activities in 2015 with a goal of each Corporate Member recruiting 2-3 of their prime suppliers. (SDAC)

Expand the International Involvement in HMSDC – Deliberately reach out to international companies and communities and facilitate their involvement in HMSDC and utilization of MBEs. (International)

Capitalize on the Drivers, ROI and ROO for Supplier Diversity – Identify and measure true impact of your supplier diversity efforts, then publicize internally and externally. (SDAC)