Please pre-register as many of your representatives as you can by November 17th. Pre-registered exhibitors will have their name tags ready to pick up at the pre-registered exhibitor counters at EXPO 2017 on November 29th and 30th and will automatically be on the list for admission to the EXPO 2017 Best in Class Reception. Those not pre-registered will have to stand in line to register on-site and pay $50 to get into the reception. If you think someone may come, please pre-register them. You may add additional names at any time prior to November 17th.

General Attendees

It is important to pre-register early in order to take advantage of all EXPO 2017 has to offer. The deadline to pre-register is November 17th. The benefits for pre-registering include the following:

  • Ability to participate in having the right match in Coaching Corner
  • Ability to participate in Direct Connect
  • Increase the change to be matched for a one-to-one session
  • Ability to participate in all meal functions

Ready to register?  Click here to sign up today!