Energy Summit

NEW this year, HMSDC has partnered with the US Department of Energy to bring an Energy Summit to EXPO 2017.  This is a critical component of EXPO as attendees can hear about trends and upcoming projects in the energy sector.  This will better prepare you and assist in your approach to the exhibitors the next day at EXPO.  The topics to be discussed include:

Oil & Gas Outlook from upstream, mid-stream and downstream prospective
Businesses in general despises uncertainty and the energy industry is no different.   The Energy Outlook is based on the ‘most likely’ path for global energy markets over the next 20 years. Assumptions are made about public policy changes, technology and the overall global economy’s energy usage.  Our presenters will share their insights on the issues posed by a transitioning energy industry and will provide a glimpse into their perspectives on our nation’s energy mix. They will also discuss the business forecast of opportunities and challenges for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Trends in Electricity/Utilities
The electric utility industry is undergoing a massive transformation.  Utilities have had to adjust their business models to operate in a new energy and technology future. Learn about the future direction of this industry: Smart Grids/Smart Cities, the new frontier of Cyber Security, Drone Invasions and the utilization of diverse suppliers.

The United States has the largest network of pipelines in the world. These infrastructure projects will stimulate economic opportunities and growth for a vast number of communities across the country. Get connected to current and future pipeline and infrastructure projects and learn about specific industry requirements necessary to compete for business opportunities.

Renewable Energy
Do you know how minority businesses can gain from renewables’ vast room for growth and accelerating market capture? This session is designed to increase your understanding of the renewable landscape and provide information on how electric utility and traditional oil companies seek to create a competitive advantage in this growing energy sector.

Natural gas production has exceeded even high-end resource projections, and growing demand for American natural gas and petrochemicals internationally will only continue to increase. Learn about major projects in the Gulf States and how your company get plugged in during the early stages of the projects. Sign up today!